Judy B., Wakefield, MA

"I did not know where to turn and then I spoke to Attorney Barbour and explained my situation.  She was very compassionate and yet she was a very strong and skillful attorney during our hearing in District Court, where I was facing a forced sale of my home.  She negotiated more time to allow me to find a buyer for my condo and I was able to save all of the equity I had invested in my property.  I am so grateful for her and I would not hesitate recommending her to anyone." 

Laurie R., Manchester, NH

"I  have a special needs son and we have been seeking a proper IEP for him.  I have a background in special education, but I find the law in this area to be confusing.  Attorney Barbour has helped me to understand the process and has given me sound advice to help me to advocate better for my son.  I would highly recommend her to anyone in the same position."

Trish G., E. Hampton, MA

"I have worked with Attorney Barbour on a special education case involving a student with multiple disabilities who was not getting the proper supports and services that he needed.  I was really impressed with how quickly she was able to get on top of the facts and law, and what a strong and determined advocate she was.  If you are a parent who needs legal services, she would be a great attorney to speak with."